Case 3 – the beginning

A full blood count is taken on a 75 year old patient with the clinical detail ‘birthday bloods’. It reveals a Hb of 13, WCC of 9 with a lymphocyte count of 6.8, platelets of 298. Film morphology is consistent with a low grade lymphoproliferative disorder.

Question: Please answer one of the following:

Haematologists – What comment would you write for the GP? At what point would you request immunophenotyping?

Primary Care – do you find comments such as ‘probable early CLL’ useful? And do you feel obliged to share such information with the patient?

Please reply via Twitter and be sure to include the hashtag #teamhaem. There are no wrong answers and healthy debate is appreciated.

Further information to follow through the week: keep checking #teamhaem via twitter.

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