Morphology – case 1 (summary)

Thanks for all of the responses to our blood film. We agree with the comments via #teamhaem

  • Toxic granulation and vacuolation
  • Crenated red cells
  • Possible alcohol
  • Thrombocytopenia

The blood count was Hb 108g/L, MCV 98fL, WCC 18×10*9/L with  neuts 16.2×10*9/L, PLT 80×10*9/L. The patient had pneumonia and CRP 208mg/L. On looking around the film there was left shift, toxic granulation and vacuolation of neutrophils in keeping with sepsis/inflammation. Moderate thrombocytopenia with no platelet clumping or red cell fragmentation.

Further pictures later on!

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