Case 28 – the beginning

A 25 year old woman attends A&E complaining of lethargy and dyspnoea. She denies any cough or sputum and examination and CXR are clear. She has a temperature of 39 and small lymph nodes are palpable throughout the cervical chains bilaterally. She denies any PMH or medications.

Her FBC is phoned through and is as follows:

Hb. 78 g/dl
Plts. 11 x10*9
WCC. 2.1 x10*9

1) If you are a nurse/doc: what further history do you want? What investigations might help here?
2) If you are a BMS: What indices on the rest of the FBC are important? What is your next step?

Please reply via twitter using the hashtag #teamhaem so everyone’s comments can be seen. There are no wrong answers: we want plenty of opinions and debate. The case will evolve the the coming week so keep an eye on #teamhaem and help us to manage this patient.

Please note TeamHaem are not providing expertise commentary but rather aim to promote education in Haematology. All cases are fictitious.

About TeamHaem

Online education and discussion about all things haematological
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