Case 36 – update 1

Patients’ blood film looks like this:

beta thal

Ferritin level was also checked : 10 ug/l

Family origin questionnaire has been mentioned and should be performed at all antenatal visits.  However all women – in both high prevalence and low prevalence areas are offered screening blood tests for thalassaemia using initial results from routine red blood cell indices.

The HPLC for this lady shows:

hplc - beta thal minor

HbA2 level of 3.8%

How would you interpret this?

What are the potential causes of a raised A2 result?

Both parents are from Italy.

What do you do next?

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2 Responses to Case 36 – update 1

  1. shaimaa abdelmalik says:

    mostly beta thalassemia carrier for further confirmation by PCR for Mediterranean beta thalassemia gene mutations and investigating her partner also

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