Case 46 – #UnofficialCSIM2 Haematology Week

NB To our lonstanding teamhaemers: this week’s case is for medical students. Whilst we may call on some of the usual team to help us out, for now please observe without speaking! Thanks in anticipation.

Welcome #unofficialCSIM2ers, thanks for joining us here. Your patient awaits…

You are a GP trainee and Mr J.Ordie comes to see you for an ‘MOT’ because he’s feeling tired all the time. You take a history, but he doesn’t disclose any symptoms that help you decide what is going on. So, you take some bloods.

The results are available a few days later:

Hb 98 g/l (135-180)

MCV 105 fl (78-100)

MCH 30 pg (27-32)

Plts 149 x10*9 (150-400)

WCC 8.1 x10*9 (4-11)

What does this result show? What further information do you need?

Please answer the questions on twitter using the hashtag #unofficialCSIM2 in all of your tweets – this helps others to follow the discussion.

Remember there are no stupid answers – join in, have fun and learn as you go!

Teamhaem are not in a position of authority but operate in an educational capacity only.

All cases are entirely fictional to protect patient privacy.

About TeamHaem

Online education and discussion about all things haematological
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