Case 48 – UnofficialCSIM2 – oncology week

Hi to all those joining us from #unofficialCSIM2. To remind our usual teamhaem-ers again – the #unofficialCSIM2 project is aimed at 4th year medical students. Whilst everyone’s input is appreciated, it would be helpful if those of you with more clinical experience observe the conversation initially and offer help if we’re getting stuck.

Ok, here we go…

You are a surgical FY1 doctor, on night shift. At 2am you are called to see Mr Jones, a seventy five year old man who was admitted earlier in the day after a fall in which he sustained a fractured femur.

The nurses are concerned that he ‘just isn’t right doctor’.

What will you do next? What information do you need?

Please respond on twitter using the hashtag #unofficialCSIM2. Don’t be shy – join in, help us to fix the patient and learn as you go. The case will evolve quite quickly this week so keep an eye on twitter. Enjoy!

All cases are fictitious to protect patient identity.

TeamHaem are not an expert authority, but rather an educational project.

About TeamHaem

Online education and discussion about all things haematological
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