Case 51 – update 2

Our patient has been diagnosed with AML. FISH for t(15;17) is negative. The full cytogenetic report is awaited. 
She is currently an inpatient and following discussion with the haematology, obstetric, neonatology and anaesthetic team she and the teams caring for her have decided to induce labour. The patient did not want to have chemotherapy prior to delivery and the obstetric team felt it would be safe to deliver the baby.
The dermatology team have also reviewed the lady and have performed a skin biopsy for the rash which she initially presented with.
A course of steroids is given to the patient over 2 days to help with the foetal lung maturity and the obstetric team have said that an induced vaginal delivery should be safe. 
The baby was delivered safely and was transferred to neonatal ICU for further care.
Following delivery chemotherapy treatments are discussed with the patient.
What chemotherapy treatment would you suggest?
What are the risks to mother and foetus of delivering chemotherapy for AML in different trimesters?
Are there any other investigations you would like for our patient?

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