Case 53 – the beginning

Welcome to the new case for the week. Please read the case, consider the questions posed and share your thoughts via twitter using #teamhaem @teamhaem.

Lauren is a 34 year old woman who contacted her GP when she developed some easy bruising. She had noticed bruises on her arms and shins that were several centimetres across without recalling any real injury. She denies having had this problem until now, but says her sister is also an easy bruiser.


What other information would you want from Lauren?

What would you do next?

Please comment on twitter using the hashtag #teamhaem and join in the ensuing conversation. Enjoy and learn as you go!

Please remember TeamHaem operates in an educational capacity and is not in a position of authority. All cases are fictional to protect patient confidentiality.

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2 Responses to Case 53 – the beginning

  1. MAHA says:

    CBC..prothrombin time..PTT

    • TeamHaem says:

      Thanks for all of your useful comments. We try to do most of the discussion via Twitter – next time reply to us and use #teamhaem! Thanks!

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