Case 54 – case A

This week we are going to look at a range of short cases, some of which are morphology based, and most will include MCQ questions.  The discussion does not have to be limited to the basic answer – please feel free to add further information/thoughts/questions about a case if you wish!


The cases will be released gradually throughout the week, however should you wish to look at a few together towards the end of the week, you can still join in the answering process – each case will be labelled with a letter – just include this letter at the beginning of your tweet.  Everyone can give the MCQs a go, and the answers will be released at the end of the week with the case summaries.


Case A



This first patient is a 48 year old man who presented with neutropenia and monocytopenia.  He was found to have splenomegaly on examination.


Given the history and the findings on blood film what would you expect to find on flow cytometry?

a) Cd20+, CD5 -, CD10-, CD79a +,CD11c+, CD103-, CD123-

b) CD20 +,CD5+, CD23+, FMC7 -,SmIg weak, CD79b –

c) CD20+, CD5+, CD23-, FMC7+. SmIg weak, cd79b +

d) CD20+ CD5-, CD23-, CD103 +, CD11C +, CD10-, CD123+

e) CD20+, CD5-, CD10+, CD19+, CD22+, CD79a+


Could you describe the findings on the blood film?


What are the indications for treatment?


(Bonus point for those who can suggest the possible diagnosis for all the flow cytometry samples!)


Please comment on twitter using the hashtag #teamhaem and join in the ensuing conversation. Enjoy and learn as you go!

Please remember TeamHaem operates in an educational capacity and is not in a position of authority. All cases are fictional to protect patient confidentiality.



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