Case 55 – the beginning

Good evening. This week we’re going to work together to manage an elderly  patient with a leukocytosis. 

Mr Jones is 77 and attends his GP practice for his annual ‘birthday bloods.’ The following results were obtained: 

Hb 110 g/dl

WCC 19.6 

Plts 87


  • lymphocytes: 14.5
  • Neutrophils 3.9

What questions should you ask Mr Jones?

Haematology staff: what would you look for on the film if this sample came to your lab?

Please reply on Twitter using #teamhaem. Join in and learn along the way!

All cases are fictional to protect patient identity.

Teamhaem are an educational platform and do not claim to be an authority.

About TeamHaem

Online education and discussion about all things haematological
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2 Responses to Case 55 – the beginning

  1. wafaa says:

    I want to participate with you in the cases and how I can reach to diagnosis

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