Case 59 – the beginning


Welcome to case 59. Today we’re reviewing Mr Q, who was referred to the outpatient clinic with the following letter:

‘Dear Colleague,

Please see Mr Q (DOB 01/01/1945) who was noted to have splenomegaly (16cm) on a recent ultrasound scan. His PMH and current medications are detailed below.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Jones (GP).

PMH: Stroke 2003; Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus 2008; Hypertension 2008.

DH: Aspirin, lisinopril, Metformin, Novorapid, glargine.’

What would you ask him and why during your initial consultation?

Please reply on Twitter, using #teamhaem in your response (this allows others to follow the conversation.) The case will be updated later this week, but the majority of discussion takes place on twitter.

Teamhaem are not an authority, but rather an education and discussion platform for all matters haematological.

All our cases are fictional in order to protect patient identity.

NB The above CT scan demonstrating splenomegaly is NOT our patient  –  illustrative only!


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  1. manalbessa says:

    History of B symptoms ( weight loss low grade fever night sweats)
    History of bleeding
    History of joint pain

    History of surgery blood transfusion
    Family history of blood disease or blood transfusion or immunological diseases aa RA or SLEEP
    History of travel abroad to endemic area of malaria or history of schistosomiasis

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