Case 60 – update 1

The lady is Group A positive and has an Anti K antibody detected.The lab performed phenotyping on the maternal sample and she is K negative.

She has never been pregnant before. She has no history of IV drug abuse. She had a motorcycle accident in her early twenties and was transfused abroad during her recovery from the accident. She is likely therefore  to have acquired her Allo antibody through transfusion.

The father gave a blood sample for phenotyping and he is a K antigen hetrozygote. (The lady was confident of the biological father in this case)

Cell free fetal DNA testing performed from maternal blood sample at week 16 confirmed the baby is K positive. 

Anti K titre is 1 in 8 as already mentioned this should be monitored but in Anti K the titre does not correlate well with clinical severity of HDFN.

She is now 17 weeks and keen to know of follow up plans. 

Her Anti K is being monitored 4 weekly will this continue?

 What other monitoring should be performed up to delivery?

When should the baby be delivered?

What would the indications be for fetal blood sampling? 

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