Case 70 – part 2 – summary

We have a 76 year old gentleman with AF and a recent CVA making him high risk for thromboembolic events. 

He was on dabigatran and presented 5 hours after taking his last dose with haematemesis and a perforated DU. 

Dabigatran may increase aptt although this can not be directly used to measure levels. Thrombin time is very sensitive for the presence of dabigatran and a normal thrombin time will exclude significant levels of dabigatran. Although dabigatran monitoring was not done in this case this can be done with either a chromogenic factor II assay or a dilute thrombin clotting time assay. 

The patient was given idarucizumab, a monoclonal antibody for reversal of dabigatran effect, and had successful surgery. The surgeon is concerned about bleeding risk in the immediate post operative period, and 24 hours post operatively the patient is given prophylactic tinzaparin. The patient developed some renal impairment post operatively and was started on therapeutic tinzaparin with anti Xa monitoring after 48 hours when the surgical team were happy that there was less risk of bleeding. There was no further bleeding and the renal function improved. The patient was eventually restarted back on dabigatran and discharged.

Is there anything anyone wants to ask/add? Is there anything you would have done differently? Look out for our 3rd and final short case tomorrow.

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