Case 72 – case A

Evening. This week we are going to do some short cases based around morphology.  The aim is for this to be a quick fire week, with lots of interesting pictures!  We would welcome any contribution from our followers too – so tweet in a picture of an interesting blood film/ marrow etc.  Teamhaem can then retweet your pictures – this is great opportunity to share your learning with others/ask questions/figure out what the film shows!!! Follow @teamhaem and when you want to make a comment reply to us and also use #teamhaem so everyone else can follow the proceedings.


The first case, lets start with something straightforward:


This is a blood film of a 21 year old female who is pregnant.  She was noted to be anaemic and hence a blood film was made.


Comment upon the findings on the blood film.

What is the diagnosis?

How would you manage this lady?

Potential complications?

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