TeamHaem saves Christmas šŸŽ„- Part 3

‘Has anything changed since this time last year?

Any illnesses or weight loss? Tell me all, do not fear!’


Coyly he blushed as red as his suit

‘I’m afraid the answer is hidden by my boot’


Mrs Claus is so loving, a wonderful wife,

she looks after me well there are no quarrels or strife.


A few weeks ago, a new recipe she tried,

‘This years Christmas pud will be epic she cried!’


Extra fruit, nuts and brandy, in they all went,

By the time it had cooked the steamer had bent!


I puffed and I panted as I lifted out

But it dropped on my leg and loudly did I shout!


I couldn’t hurt the feelings of my beautiful wife,

So I bandaged my leg and hid it from sight.


Unfortunately I’ve limped for over a week

He muttered quietly, embarrassed and meek


Under the bandage was a large red graze

Surrounded by infection a light pink haze


“Don’t worry’ I said, ‘this we can tend.

With antibiotics it will mend.


Blood thinners we’ll give there’s no need to cry”

But now dear readers, can he still fly?


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