Christmas quiz

Thankyou for taking part in our Christmas quiz!

Here are the questions and answers!

1. Which animals have:

• Blue blood

• Green blood

• Yellow blood

2. The Japanese traditionally associate blood groups with personality. Can you match them up correctly?

• Unpredictable, distant, careful, considerate, efficient and sensitive

• Serious, calm, composed, level headed and trustworthy

• Outgoing, expressive, clumsy, flexible, idealistic, natural leader, carefree and generous

• Curious, excitable, cheerful, bright, enthusiastic  and independent

3. Where were the first allogeneic stem cell transplants done?

4. Who was Anthony Nolan?

5. When was the American register started and who campaigned for it?

6. When did the 1 millionth BMT (worldwide) take place?

7.What is Christmas disease?

8.What incident in WW2 resulted in information that helped develop a chemotherapy agent?

9.What was the original source of vincristine?

10. Where does palitaxel come from?

11. How were platinum chemos discovered?




Blue – spiders, crustacions, squids, octopuses and some types of molluscs. Green – many types of worms, slugs and leeches

Yellow – starfish/beetles/sea cucumber/sea squirts






3. Yugoslavia – after a radiation leak at a nuclear research facility. 5 workers, none engrafted.

4. Anthony Nolan was a child with Wiscott Aldrich syndrome. Born 1971. Never received transplant and died age 8. His mum started the register in 1974

5. American register started 1986, family of Laura Graves who was a child with leukaemia. Her donor was found in lab of her hospital.

6. 2012

7. Haemophilia B

8.An air raid in Bari, Italy led to hundreds of soldiers and civilians having mustard gas exposure. Survivors were found to have low lymphocytes. Results were combined with the Yale study group which lead to the search for similar compounds resulting in mustine chemotherapy.

9. Madagascan periwinkle

10. Pacific yew tree bark

11. Bacteria on agar plates stopped dividing when electricity applied to them – turned out platinum on electrodes was the cause, leading to development of chemo.

Let us know if we have missed anything!

Thankyou for all your participation with teamhaem this year, we couldn’t do it without you!

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