Case 106 – the beginning

Welcome to our new #TeamHaem case!

You are working in a GP surgery.

You see from your urgent surgery list that the next patient has registered with the practice within the last 24 hours and has told the receptionist she has ‘easy bruising’.

You have a quick look through your records, but unfortunately her old GP notes are not yet available. You note that she is 61 years old, and call her in…

  1. What information would you focus on in the history and examination?
  2. What initial investigations would you perform?

Join us on Twitter @TeamHaem and let us know what your thoughts are, what questions you have and what you want to do as we see this case evolve over the next week.

Remember to use #teamhaem on all your posts to help us follow the case! Please note – all cases on TeamHaem are entirely fictional to protect patient confidentiality. TeamHaem are not a position of authority. It is an educational platform to allow discussion and learning

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