Case 106 – update 1

You are checking the results from yesterday’s surgery and review our patients consultation notes:

61 year old female, previously fit and well

·        Easy bruising over both lower limbs for 2-3 weeks. No constitutional symptoms

·        No significant past medical history

·        No previous bleeding history

·        No family history of bleeding disorders

·        Moderate alcohol intake. Non-smoker

·        Recently separated from a long-term partner. No concerns about trauma or physical abuse

·        Physical examination unremarkable other than several 2-3cm bruises over both legs and faint petechiae

The lab have called through her results:

Hb 120, MCV 82, Plt 8, WCC 6, Neutrophil 4

Coagulation screen shows PT, APTT, Fibrinogen results within the normal range

Autoimmune and viral screens are unremarkable

There is an added film comment:

Genuine thrombocytopenia. No aggregates on film or clot in sample. Occasional large platelet present. No primitive cells. Morphology otherwise unremarkable. 



  1. How do you interpret these results?

  1. What action do you take?

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