Case 114 – Update 2!

As highlighted by our followers the patients degree of bruising is out of proportion to a platelet count of 51. As requested a thrombin time and ddimer have been performed and are both prolonged.

Thrombin time: 19 Ddimer 6320 (reminder: PT 27, APPT 45, Clauss Fib 0.9)

We’ve also been informed that the patient is also developing new mucosal blood blisters. A repeat FBC is more deranged Hb 95, plts 34, WCC 3.6, Neuts 0.6. Film still not diagnostic. Viral screen as requested already in progress.


  1. What is the explanation for the clotting results?
  2. How would you want to further investigate this progressive pancytopenia and above deranged clotting?


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