Update 4

The patient did not attend any further appointment for follow up FBC or her 28 week appt.  At 36 weeks she finally attended her midwife appointment and her FBC was as follows:

  • Hb 80g/L
  • MCV 76fL
  • MCH 22.7pg
  • MCHC 31.2%
  • PLT 154×10*9/L
  • WCC 9.2×10*9/L

Given your comments on the previous film, the following were added:

  • Ferritin 8μg/l
  • Vitamin B12 168pmol/L
  • Folate 5.2μg/L
  • LDH 118U/L (normal)
  • Reticulocytes 74 × 10*9/L
  • Bilirubin 9μmol/L


  • What are your thoughts on the results?
  • What management might be appropriate?

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