Case 133: The Summary

UK guidelines support the initiation of prrophylaxis with recombinant factor VIII either from the first joint bleed or the prior to the first joint bleed for all patients were severe haemophilia.

When initiating treatment and caring for families affected by haemophilia, family history is very important. Older members of the family (in this case the Uncle) may have experienced more frequent bleeds or received infected blood products. The Infected Blood Inquiry is ongoing and understandably distressing for many families.

Find out more about it here:

The Haemophilia Society is a UK wide society run to support people and families affected by bleeding disorders. It has useful information and works to influence national policy. Find out more here:


Newer treatments are available for both haemophilia A and B. The advent of extended half life products, Emicuzimab and gene therapy is radically changing the management for many individuals. Read the latest guidelines from the BSH here:

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