Case 139 – the beginning of short case 1

This week we are going to have two short cases to discuss the tricky management of cancer associated VTE. It would be great to hear your thoughts and suggestions as like so much of practice there are likely several approaches that can be adopted. Please remember to use #TeamHaem in your responses and look forward to your thoughts.

Short case 1 :

You are called about a 60 year old man with newly diagnosed muscle invasive bladder cancer. The MDT have suggested Neoadjuvant chemotherapy with Cisplatin based chemotherapy and Radical cystectomy. Past medical history includes a DVT 10 years ago.

His Oncologist wants advice regarding thromboprophylaxis as he recently attended a talk where he remembered that high risk oncology outpatients should receive thromboprophylaxis. He thought as the patient has had a previous DVT he should need prophylaxis and is seeking guidance from you the on call the Haematology SpR.

What additional history would be useful to assist in you decision making?

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