Case 139 – short case update 1

You establish the patient apart from his new cancer diagnosis and previous DVT is usually well. BMI 30.

His full blood count is normal apart from microcytic anemia Hb 101, MCV 77, plt 300, Wcc 9. He has been having some intermittent haematuria and this is ongoing he has just started oral iron replacement.

He has no family history of DVT. His DVT 10 years ago happened in context of trauma where he needed a right hemiarthroplasty.

The oncology consultant tells you the cisplatin gemcitibine regimen can cause thrombocytopenia but he will be having regular FBC checks and chemotherapy would be delayed if plt <100. It can also lead to renal impairment but at present the patients eGFR >90 and again they will monitor.

What is his Khorana score? – what does this mean?

Please answer the poll question about your final thromboprophylaxis decision.

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