Case 143: the beginning

A 55 year old man is admitted to the emergency department complaining of shortness of breath.

This came on suddenly a few hours ago. He had a full blood count taken in triage:

Hb 192 g/L
Hct 59%
MCV 84 fL
Plt 512 x109 /L
WCC 15.6 x109/L
Neut 9.73 x109/L
Lymph 2.26 x109/L
Mono 3.51 x109/L
Baso 0.10 x109/L
Eosino 0.00 x109/L

There are no previous results for comparison. The emergency department contact haematology for
advice on his abnormal full blood count.

What more would you like to know and what advice would you give?

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