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Case 58 – update 4

Our patient has a confirmed left sided DVT. Prior to initiation of anticoagulation a clotting screen is performed. It shows: PT 12s (11-14) APTT 49s (35-40) Fibrinogen 5.5g/L (1.5-4) d-dimer 990ng/mL (<500)   Questions How do you interpret the results? … Continue reading

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Dermatology short cases: case 1

This photo is an example of livedo reticularis: The haematological condition that is associated with livedo reticularis is Antiphospholipid syndrome. APS is also associated with: necrotizing vasculitis thrombophlebitis cutaneous ulceration Necrosis subungual splinter haemorrhages erythematous macules, purpura, ecchymoses painful skin … Continue reading

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