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Image size increased!!! what would you expect to find on immunohistochemistry? how would you manage this patient?  what are the options?

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Case 12 – update 4

The results you have all been waiting for!!! Can you describe this trephine biopsy?  Start with the basics! Can you make a diagnosis? If so how would you manage this patient?  any more investigations!

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Case 12 – update 3

The patient is referred to Haematology and a CT scan is requested.  This confirms splenomegaly with some enlarged mesenteric lymph nodes also identified. A bone marrow biopsy is organised for the following day.  Unfortunately, this is a dry tap and … Continue reading

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Case 11 – summary

Our patient As with a number of haematological emergencies, the first sign of a major problem is through a grossly abnormal full blood count.  In this case the biomedical scientists made a blood film and confirmed the thrombocytopenia was true. … Continue reading

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Case 3 – update 4

The result of your aspirate – what is the diagnosis? What is your management plan?

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