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Case 93 – summary

This case highlighted a number of issues in the management of VTE. 1) The investigation of a patient with newly diagnosed DVT One of the most useful parts in the history taking is the identification of a provoking factor. We … Continue reading

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Case 93 – update 4

Our patient has had one left leg DVT which was treated with rivaroxaban. He had no symptoms of malignancy. Two months later he presents again with increased leg swelling and pain and has the thrombosis has increased compared to previous. … Continue reading

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Case 93 – update 3

Our patient has his d-dimer checked which is positive and has an ultrasound scan of the left leg which has confirmed a clot. On review of the images the clot is more extensive that previously. This combined with the clinical … Continue reading

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Case 80 – the beginning

Welcome to our new case. You are the surgical house officer reviewing a new elective admission. He is 65 years old gentleman and has been admitted for resection of a gastric cancer. He is an ex-smoker, takes ramipril for hypertension … Continue reading

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