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Case 31 part 4 – the beginning

Here’s the next installment in our series of short cases. This was a film from a nine year old post haematopoietic stem cell transplant for relapsed AML. The patient was one month post transplant with no evidence of AML but still … Continue reading

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Case 17 – summary

This case involved the differential diagnosis of macrocytosis and the investigations needed in order to secure the diagnosis of haemolytic anaemia. Our gentleman presented with fatigue and dyspnoea.  On examination he was pale and further blood tests revealed a macrocytic … Continue reading

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Case 8 – summary

Summary of case 8 – PNH This case demonstrated presenting symptoms of haemolytic anaemia.  This was indicated by a low HB, raised LDH, raised reticulocytes, elevated bilirubin, and low haptoglobin levels.  A negative DAT suggests that this is not an … Continue reading

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Case 8 – update 2

So we have a suspicion that this may be PNH – and flow cytometry has been requested.  We still have the issue of this patient who is symptomatic of his anaemia, and episodes of dysphagia.  He is admitted onto the medical … Continue reading

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Case 8 – update 1

So, your plan so far includes haematinics, haemolysis screen, HIV, autoimmune screen and a blood film.  Some of these have been added onto samples taken by the GP.  You speak to the GP further and he reports no new medication. … Continue reading

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You are the Haematology registrar oncall.  A GP contacts you for advice.  He has reviewed a 55 yr old gentleman, who had initially presented with some difficulty swallowing.  However during the consultation the patient had suggested that he had been … Continue reading

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