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Case 88 – summary

Morphology week summary. Case A     Our followers were correct in suggesting these were plasma cells, one of which is binucleate on the second picture.  Thrombocytopenia was also noted.  This would be in keeping with a diagnosis of plasma … Continue reading

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Case 88 – part A

This week we are going to do some quick fire morphology cases. Cases will be centered around a blood film, then added questions based on the diagnosis our followers come up with. Please feel free to add interesting pictures of … Continue reading

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Case 75 – summary

Case 75 – Summary! Thank you for all of the contributions with Case 75, where we encountered a 43 year old who presented with back pain and circulating plasma cells in his peripheral blood. In summary we established that this … Continue reading

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Case 75 – update 3

Bortezomib-based regimes are associated with better outcomes as it more rapidly reduces tumour load and reverses complications. What would you combine Bortezomib with in our patient? How would you consolidate this treatment if response achieved? Would the cytogenetics results influence … Continue reading

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Case 75 – update 2

Our patient has >2×109 plasma cells in peripheral blood without a history of myeloma consistent with a diagnosis of primary plasma cell leukaemia (pPCL). Flow is typical of  pPCL – myeloma markers with CD56- and CD20+. Our patient had a … Continue reading

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